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Which Short Haircuts Are Fashionable For Women?

Which Short Haircuts Are Fashionable For Women?. Whether with an undercut, a pixie cut or a soft female short haircut – short hairstyles are really fun! They bring out the face beautifully and can easily keep up with any long haircut. Best of all, short hair is great for thin hair! Filigree facial features, distinctive cheekbones, large eyes: all female attributes are particularly emphasized by a short haircut for women. Anyone who still claims today that short hair is for the opposite sex is still a long way from being in the here and now.

Whether Dua Lipa or the Hollywood ladies – they have long time ago discovered the effect of a short and present hair on the red carpets. We have selected the most beautiful short haircuts of the celebs, from the catwalks of this world as well as the best short hairstyles from everyday life for you. Be inspired in our gallery below.

The Trend Cut Among Short Hairstyles: The Buzz Cut

Short hairstyles ensure freshness. The buzz cut, for example, is very much in vogue, does not require elaboration, but is more suitable for the brave girls among you. Because you don’t have more than nine millimeters of hair. A bit mysterious and edgy, but also very mature – the buzz cut is the great choice of short hairstyles, but like no other cut it underlines our facial features.

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Which Short Haircuts

Eye-Catching: Short Haircuts With An Undercut

Short hairstyles with a cheeky undercut are also very high on the popularity scale. They radiate without being intrusive and can be styled in a few minutes. The cut is also easily explained at the hairdresser’s: The sides are shaved down to a few millimeters, the top hair, on the other hand, remains longer. If you want, you can style a few strands of your top hair over the short-shaved areas at the end.

Which Short Haircuts

The Elegance Among Short Hair: The Bob

If you want to slowly approach a short hairstyle, you could start with a bob. The short bob, for example, is very feminine and well suited for those who are undecided who do not dare to go for a short hairstyle. A bob is suitable for wavy, curly and straight hair structures and is therefore the best short hairstyle for beginners. The hair does not reach more than the shoulder, surrounds the face particularly beautifully and is also given texture.

In addition, the short bob haircut leaves numerous styling choices open. Whether light waves that you can easily conjure up with the straightening or while blow-drying, with an undercut or with a sleek look: You decide how you prefer to wear your short bob. By the way: For all the girls among you who like practical hairstyles, the bob could be the short hairstyle, because with this choice the hair can still be tied in a pigtail.