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What to Do About Wrinkles Under The Eyes?

What to Do About Wrinkles Under The Eyes? Let’s take a look together. At first there are just fine lines that may appear a little more pronounced after a short night, but can be smoothed again quickly with enough sleep and a little care.

Sooner or later, however, the signs of the times will show up permanently: Wrinkles under the eyes are one of the most common signs of aging. This article explains why wrinkles under the eyes develop and how they can be alleviated with home remedies and targeted eye care.

Symptoms Of Wrinkles Under The Eyes

The skin around the eyes is three times thinner than the rest of the face – no wonder that the eye area is very sensitive and resentments to incorrect or insufficient care, a bad lifestyle or a lot of stress. Since the skin around the eyes has fewer firming collagen fibers and fewer  glands than the rest of the facial skin, structure degradation  loss occur more quickly – the main causes of wrinkles. Symptoms of dryness and redness, but also dark circles, bags under the eyes or swollen eyelids also occur more frequently with increasing age.

Wrinkles Under The Eyes

In This Form, Wrinkles Can Appear Under The Eyes

Wrinkles that form around the mouth are also known as perioral folds. They arise from the facial muscles and are the result of the skin’s aging. Lines and wrinkles in the mouth area can quickly make the facial expression look tense, angry, grouchy or sad, but above all the face looks older overall, which is why younger sufferers in particular are bothered by mouth wrinkles, which can also arise prematurely due to strong facial expressions.

This Is Good For Wrinkles Under The Eyes

In order to stay firm and smooth for as long as possible, the eye area needs special care that is tailored to your needs. Ordinary day or night creams are not necessarily recommended as eye care, because the sensitive skin around the eyes reacts quickly to their ingredients and irritates them. Fragrances and alcohol or essential oils can also cause irritation in the eye area.

Place freshly cut cucumber or apple slices on the closed eyelids for 15 min – cucumber donates valuable moisture, has a detoxifying effect, while the fruit acid in the apple tightens the tissue and has an antioxidant. Apply a mask made of quark and honey around the eyes, leave it on and remove with a facial tissue – the quark cools, while the vitamins contained in the honey tighten the skin and stimulate its cell metabolism.

Place the cooled tea bags of black or green tea on the closed eyes – the antioxidant ingredients of the tea leaves render cell-damaging compounds harmless and thus counteract degenerative processes in the cells.