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What should be your daytime skin routine?

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We take care of our skin like a baby. Isn’t it? Even if we get a single pimple on our face, we remain tensed until it goes away. We try all the tactics to remove it.

But the most important thing is do you really take care of your skin. In our day-to-day life we sometimes forget ourselves. At night we get so tired that we avoid extra work. But one should not forget herself. No matter how much busy you are, yourself comes first. So you do what is good for you. Try to look perfect all the time. Follow your daytime skin routine so that your skin remain healthy and glowing.

For the morning or daytime skincare routine for the year 2021

  1. Use cleanser

Clean your face using deep cleanser to remove all the dirt. While sleeping your skin comes into contact with the dirt on the pillowcase or the bed sheets. No matter how much you clean them before sleeping they are loaded with the dust mites.

  1. Apply serum

Vitamin C is a best ingredient to protect your skin in the daytime. It is an anti aging which brightens the skin and protects the skin from UV rays. So you can apply vitamin C serum for your healthy skin.

  1. Eye gel

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Your upper and lower eye area should be calm and hydrated. Apply an eye gel which suits to your skin around your upper and lower eye area.

The most important steps for the morning or daytime skincare routine for the year 2021

  1. Moisturizer

After your serum and eye get are absorbed properly apply moisturizer. It will soften your skin and gives a glow. It will also boost SPF protection to your skin.

  1. SPF (sun protection factor)

It is a measurement how well your sunscreen protects from UVA rays. This is an important step for your skin to stop getting damaged. So last but not the least apply SPF to your skin.

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