Valuable Nail Care Ideas for Women: Detailed Review and Information

Nail care ideas and information now can be seen in this article. Many people first look at the hands and fingernails of their fellow human beings. It is all the more important to take care of your nails regularly. Here you will find some valuable ideas on hand and nail care. With these methods you will be up to date on how to properly care for and clean your fingernails.

Files Instead Of Cutting

If you cut your nails with scissors, they break off more easily. It is gentler to file your nails. If you still prefer to cut your nails, don’t use nail scissors, but rather with a clipper.

Nail Care

Avoid Metal Files

Even if metal files last a long time, they should only be used on very hard nails. Because the metal does not grind the shortened nails smooth, but rather roughens them.

Gently File Brittle Nails

If you have brittle and splintered nails, a soft file should be used, such as a sand leaf file. Sand leaf files only last for a few sessions. The following applies: the finer the grain size of the file, the more gently the nail is shortened. It is also advisable to only move the file in one side so that it does not roughen the nail.

Maintain The Nail Properly

For healthy nails, you can regularly rub nail oil with circular movements on the nail and around the nail bed. This will protect the nail and cuticle from drying out and tearing.

Home Remedies For Hand And Nail Care

If you are looking for an inexpensive variant to expensive care products, you can simply help yourself. There are easy home remedies for caring for hands and fingernails.

Soft Nails

Soft nails can be styled with a nail hardener. This hardens the nails, protects and seals them with nourishing ingredients. However, apply it only to the front of the nail so that the lower nail retains soft.

Before Painting

It is advisable not to take a bath or put lotion on your hands before painting your nails. Because the nails swell up due to water and contract again when they dry, which means that the applied varnish quickly flakes off again. You should also degrease the nails, otherwise the varnish will not stick. Paint remover is suitable for this. In addition, you should first remove any nail polish residue before applying new polish.

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