Two tone nail design for the daily look

The two tone nail design is a perfect matching nail design for the daily look. The two tone nail design gives you the option to match two different colours on one nail design. The two tone nail design is perfect for the daily look because it is in comparison to the one colour nail polishes less boring and more attention getting. Two tone nail design for the daily look 2022

nail design is very easy to do. It can be done at home in just 15 to 20 minutes. There are many 2 tone nail design combinations for the perfect look. You can combine two colours by a diagonal line across the nail. Or you dan cross the nail on the middle and half the nail. Or you can cross the nail diagonal but not from one corner to the other corner. You can cross a little bit above the corner and can get a geometric form which will look more creative.

The two tone nails design is a very easy design which can be done by yourself at home. The easy way for a diagonal  nail design is to give the nail a one colour nail polish. The colour combination black and grey is a good matching combo for example. You can paint your nail with the black nail polish and let it dry. Then you take a tape and stick it on your nail in the wished position. In our example it should be diagonal.

Now you can paint your nail again with the grey nail polish. When the grey nail polish is dry too, you can remove the tape and see the result. A wonderful two tone nail design is created. Now to give the nail design a highlight you can draw a silver line on the diagonal line.

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