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These Are The Most Beautiful Trend Hairstyles Of The Year

In 2021, the previous hair trends will be taken to extremes: fringes will be even shorter, side partings pulled even deeper and the buzz cut in blonde will challenge even the very brave among us. But even for those less keen to experiment, the year 2021 has great hairstyles ready, which you can easily comb out again in the evening.


The eighties are back! The tight, wild curls conquer the red carpet as well as the streets of the fashion cities. While some look back ashamed at their youthful pics with a perm, the hairstyle is now emerging again – this time, however, less curled and more shiny. If you don’t have a curly mane and don’t want to go to the hairdresser, invest in a curling with a diameter. Simply wrap your hair around in thin strands and set with a light spray.

beautiful trendy hairstyles

Pixie Cut

The best haircut: the pixie. The short hairstyle reveals the face and gives its wearer fine features. Made famous in the sixties by the models, the hype about the haircut continues today. Usually shorter in the neck and the top hair worn longer, there are many ways to style the trendy haircut. Whether in the sleek look with a side parting or disheveled and with a little gel – the options are numerous.

Who Can Wear It

Everyone! An pixie face is not required. It just depends on how the hairstyle is cut. The hairdresser should pay attention to your proportions: A functional, short haircut goes well with striking faces, a pixie with texture is more suitable for women with round and heart-shaped faces.

Buzz Cut

If the pixie cut is not enough for you, you can use the razor. Buzz shows what happens to the hair. More and more stars dare to cut their hair as short as a rasper. A big step, but with a great result. These models are just a few of the representatives of the trend and show how great the haircut can look. The cut exudes power and its features underline the women empowerment. But you don’t have to want to set an example to shave your hair off. From a purely fashionable point of view, the haircut is  popular and can be seen on catwalks. Anyone who is so brave and dyes their hair blonde can be sure to meet the ravages of time this year.

Who Can Wear It

You can’t hide anything with a buzz cut, you have to be aware of that. Women with oval and facial features can wear this haircut without hesitation. With very large and round faces, however, the cut can look unfavorable, angular faces look even more distinctive with the hairstyle. In addition, it should be noted: the lighter the hair, the faster the scalp can be seen. This is why you can leave a little more on blonde hair and shave a little more off with darker hair.