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The Skin Anti Aging Care After 30

Does the skin need anti aging care from 30? Does every skin tolerate a peeling? Knowledge makes you beautiful!

How Do I Know What Care My Skin Needs Right Now?

Basically, if the skin is stretched half an hour after lotion, it needs a richer day care  that stores moisture over the long term. You can tell whether the skin gets by with rather light care: Do not apply any cream after cleaning, wait an hour and press a piece of blotting paper on each of the forehead, chin and cheeks. If all test papers show traces of grease, the skin produces excessive amounts of it.

Anti Aging
Anti Aging

The Skin Anti Aging Care After 30: Advices, Tips and Information

Does Dry Skin Need Moisture Or Rather Oil?

Dry and sensitive skin needs a lot of moisture. However, if the skin is tight after every cleansing, feels rough and tends to itch, these are all signs that the dry, mostly fine-pored skin is unable to produce enough lipids on its own. A soothing is then provided by intensely nourishing creams that contain precursors and can thus balance the skin’s own lipid.

Does The Skin Over 30 Need Anti-Wrinkle Care?

Women with complex skin are in a dilemma as soon as the first wrinkles appear. Because anti-wrinkle products are usually too heavy. Many women have the feeling that the product does not absorb properly and the skin is even more greasy. And again, a moisturizer won’t smooth the wrinkles. For these skin needs there are, for example, light products, light care lotions for day and night; They smooth fine lines, soften deeper wrinkles and protect against premature skin aging. The light refers to the fact that they move in particularly quickly without clogging the pores.

What Is A Serum Actually Good For?

A serum helps especially when the skin looks tired and tense – in addition to regular care, as a kind of express treatment over a few weeks. A serum is used either as a night care after cleansing or under the day care. Oil or textures do not need chemical substances packed in ampoules, there is also no need for preservation. Both of these make the products particularly skin-friendly, while at the same time they are enriched with a high dose of ingredients.

Do You Have To Choose The Eye Cream According To Your Skin?

The skin around the eyes always belongs in the weak category, if only because it has fewer sebum glands and is three to five times thinner than the rest of the facial skin. Good eye care is geared towards this: thanks to special fats, it does not get over the edge of the eyelid into the eye, as this can irritate. Everything else is a matter of taste.

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