The Causes Of Brittle Nails 2022

Brittle nails 2022 are a common issue and have many different causes: For example, they are caused by contact with cleaning products or chemical substances. But the change of the year also has an influence on the nail quality. Another cause of brittle nails can be a lack of nutrients or disorders. Brittle nails or split ends are a nuisance that you want to hide – after all, our nails are like an invitation. Find out here what the causes of brittle nails are and what you can do about brittle nails and toenails. The causes of brittle nails are many; the most common are:

Cleaning supplies: Brittle nails are caused, among other things, by contact with washing-up or soap, by excessive and solvent-based nail polish remover. But too much water removes moisture from the skin and nails and dries them out.

Brittle Nails
2022 Brittle Nails

Artificial nails: They damage the horny layer of your nails and make them soft and brittle. Another disadvantage: In the gap between artificial and natural nails, cavities easily form, in which fungi can nest.

Injuries to the nail plate: Many injuries to the nail structure are caused by a too coarse manicure, so when shortening the nails with clippers or scissors, fine cracks can occur in the nail when the nail is pressed together. It is better to shorten your nails with a file.

Nutritional deficiency: If your body lacks certain vitamins, traces and essential fatty acids, this can be a cause of the nails becoming brittle and splintering. Brittle nails can also indicate a possible lack of iron.

Skin diseases: Skin diseases such as nail fungus, psoriasis and lichen may also be the cause of brittle nails.

Brittle nails when the season changes: Unlike our skin, toenails and nails cannot regulate their moisture themselves. This is their undoing in winter: warm heating air and cold air dry out the nails, making them brittle. Brittle nails in turn, can bind even less water, so that they lose more and more moisture. The result: your nails break, tear and become dull.

Nail Polish

Colored nail polish is indispensable for many. But even if you like to polish your nails, you should occasionally take a break. During this time the nail can recover from the ingredients in nail polish and remover. A nourishing nail cure helps brittle nails to regenerate.