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Skin Problems On The Hands Are Not Uncommon

“Skin Problems On The Hands” will be reviewed today. Frequent hand washing, the use of disinfectants or the wearing of disposable gloves stress many hands during the pandemic. Disposable gloves do not prevent germs from being passed on. They become just as contaminated as an uncovered hand. Since the gloves are not breathable, the skin can be damaged if they are worn for long time. Skin problems on the hands are not uncommon for caregivers. Because: The skin problems is stressed in everyday care through frequent hand washing, disinfecting and wearing gloves. Caregivers can use targeted measures to protect their hands from skin damage.

If Gloves, Then Only For A Limited Time

Disposable gloves may be necessary – Waste has to be disposed of or an object has to be removed by people who are obviously ill. It should be noted:

Take off the gloves or change them as soon as they feel damp inside. If you wear cotton undergloves, waterlogging will be delayed somewhat. Do not use skin protection before putting on the gloves.

Skin Problems

Benefits Are Questionable, But The Risk Of Skin Diseases Increases

When working at the cash register or at the counter, gloves have no advantage in terms of protection against the virus. When storing goods, it is enough to keep your distance. Nevertheless, many employees, but also customers wear disposable gloves. Skin diseases can quickly develop. The first signs include red spots on your hands that itch.

Employers are obliged to take measures to prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases and work-related health. They also have to implement workplace health standards.  This includes the so-called skin protection plan. It notes, for example, when and with what employees should clean and care for their hands. Appropriate products must be provided by the employer.

Wash or Disinfect Your Hands

Frequent hand washing is also stressful for the skin, but this is important. It is a protection against the viruses, as these are destroyed by cleaning the hands with soap. In order to reduce the stress on the skin, it is advisable to use disinfectants at workplaces where hands have to be washed particularly frequently.

Apply and Care For Your Hands

So that the stressed hands stay healthy and there are no skin changes, skin care should be used regularly. This allows the skin’s barrier to function. During working hours, before long breaks, after washing your hands, after wearing gloves or in between, we recommend quickly absorbing skin care products with moisture-binding ingredients.

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