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Skin Fasting Trend For Skin Protection: Women Beauty & Care Tips

Skin fasting is called a pretty new beauty style. The method comes from Japan and should help to preserve our skin from too much care. That too much care of the skin can harm, dermatology has been known for decades. Remedy should now create the idleness.

The Method Covers, Protects And Regulates The Whole Body

If it lacks the biggest body to moisture, it will be cracked, itches, scright and tense. That is known. But people who provide their skin with all sorts of lotions can get skin problems due to excessive care. The result can be lengthy skin changes that are difficult to treat.

Skin Fasting

Skin Fasting Is Available In Two Variants

Either you renounced care products for some time or at least partially do so. The new trend is exactly the right method. Overly maintained skin is known for skin damage for decades. There are typical, stubborn rashes throughout the face, which only make a mouth and eyes a recess. As a reason, the long time was the continuation of creams in the face. But even with persons not externally treated with cortisone, this skin disease occurred. Meanwhile, one keeps a too intensive care of the skin for the reason that the physiological properties of the skin are sometimes lost. Above all, the skin suffers from fatigue products that are literalized. There is no moisture exchange with the ambient air more.

Beware Of Dehydration Of The Skin

Remedy, in these cases, creates one, the idleness. At least, it is advisable to do much less. The skin fasting builds on the same principle. The required ventilation of the interiors causes the humidity abruptly decreases when the cold air heats from outside in the interior. It eludes the interior and also the skin of the moisture present – the skin dries out. Beauty experts therefore advise to help the skin carefully. So skin should not be cleaned with warm water or swooping, as the skin tends to dry out. Better to use lukewarms for washing. Among the care products, one should only rely on those who help the skin physiologically to provide their fat and moisture without hindering the moisture  by too much fat ingredient. However, this must not be immediately after washing when the skin often feels tense. The sensation of the skin after washing often disappears after some time. That’s why you should be a little patient.

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