Skin care

Skin Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The skin is the largest organ and varies from each person. The skin reacts differently to new conditions, whether due to the weather, increased stress, the environment and other facts. But we ourselves also influence the health and beauty of our skin. It is not uncommon for us to damage our skin even though we only want the best. Avoid these skin care mistakes and your skin will be radiant.

Too High In Fat

Adjust care for summer time: Instead of grease, use more moisture for your skin. Sensitive skin in particular wants to quench its thirst easily and comfortably.

Soap Irritates The Face

Did you know that soap can damage the protective mantle of the skin and thereby dry it out? So regular soap has no place on the face. With the exception of soap-free washing bars with a skin-friendly value.

Skin Care Mistakes

Grooming At The Wrong Time

It is not uncommon for the right time for skin care to be misjudged. Ideally, you should cleanse your face at least twice a day.

In the morning: Since your face has already been cleansed the night before, it is sufficient to cleanse your face in the morning with lukewarm water. A light cleansing milk can also be used for dry skin. Then you should apply a day cream, preferably with minerals and UV protection.

In the evening: Our skin is stressed daily by influences. The heating air can lead to dry skin. Too much sun and sunburn are also harmful to the skin. It is also not spared from dirt, which is why thorough facial care in the evening is particularly important. However, the same applies here: less is more.  Then apply a regenerating product that boosts cell renewal.

Constant Change Of Products

Dermatologists are certain: product loyalty pays off and ingredients can work better in the long term if you stick to your favorites that are good for your skin. Because constantly changing care products can overwhelm the skin from a certain point in time. The result: it rebels with irritation and impurities.

Forget To Remove Make-Up

If you forget to remove your make-up in the evening, you must reckon with the fact that the skin cannot be repaired. The reason: important ingredients do not penetrate the skin and pores remain clogged. So make sure that your skin is pore-deep clean. Anyone who naturally has skin with enlarged pores often perceives this as a flaw. No reason to worry. With us you will find out what helps against large pores.

Skin Care Mistakes

Wrong Product For Certain Skin Types

The principle behind skin care products is actually quite simple: rich creams are for dry, mature skin – not for young or oily skin. That in turn needs plenty of moisture. If you suffer from sensitive skin, the use of soothing is advisable. The use of certain types of flowers can also reduce inflammation. For example, you can improve the complexion of your skin with tulip flowers.