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Skin Care After Tattoo Removal Treatment – Detailed Review and Information

Skin Care After Tattoo Removal Treatment will be reviewed today. The time has come and your tattoo will be removed! The color particles of the tattoo are shot into small particles with a laser and removed away by the method until the color fades. However, laser treatment is very difficult for the body.

So that the treatment is successful and you can look forward to the result, we have put together some care tips for you after and during the tattoo removal.

Clean Carefully, Do Not Bathe

After or between the individual sessions of tattoo removal, the wound may only be cleaned with clear water. Soap should be avoided for the time being. The treated area should be kept dry and only dabbed and not rubbed. Swimming and extensive showers should be avoided in order to reduce the chance of infection.

Tattoo Removal

Do Without Sport And The Sun

The lasered area is particularly sensitive to the sun, and tanned skin is more difficult to laser and more likely to lead to difficulties. It is therefore advisable to avoid sunlight for 4 weeks. If there is no other chance, you should wear a sunscreen with a very high level of sun protection. Furthermore, you should refrain from exercising until the wound has healed, as the wound is irritated by contractions and the area can become inflamed by sweat.

Do Not Scratch Or Prick

If vesicles or crust have formed, they must not be removed or punctured under any circumstances, as otherwise germs can get into the wound.

Keep Cool and Let It Breathe

However, if it itches too much, you can cool the area. It is advisable to keep the wound rather cool. The wound has to breathe! It is therefore important to only wear airy clothing that does not put pressure on the wound. And of course, walks in the fresh air are always good.

Apply Lotion

Just like after the sting, you have to support your skin with an ointment after the laser treatment. Under no circumstances use a greasy product or milk fat, but anointment.

Relax and Sleep

After laser treatment, the skin is injured and the body first has to regenerate and heal. To support the period, you should relax, take breaks, and get enough sleep. Your body will thank you.

Pay Attention To The Diet

You can also support wound healing with the right food. The following always applies: Drinking plenty of water and a healthy nutrition with many healthy ingredients are good for the body. A little tip from us: Two glasses of pineapple juice a day provide your body with enzymes that help with the healing.