Skin care

Regenerate Very Dry Skin

Lack of moisture is not always the main cause of dry skin. Rather, it is damage with the sun being the main cause, which is mostly responsible for very dry skin. But irritating or drying skin care can also damage your skin. Read here how you can regenerate very dry skin.

Step 1: Facial Cleanser

First, use a facial cleanser for very dry skin. Your skin contains lipids that protect the skin and keep it moist. With very dry skin, it is therefore particularly important to keep the skin layer intact. Use a facial cleanser that does not dry out the skin.

Very Dry Skin

Step 2: Exfoliate

Try to exfoliate very dry skin on a basis. Your rough skin will then become softer and your dull skin will glow again. Choose a BHA exfoliant for showing signs of sun damage.

Step 3: Daily Cream For Very Dry Skin Help

Use a rich cream with the skin’s own regenerating ingredients that strengthen the skin layer every day.

Beauty Begins With Truth

Your care products should be effective and do your skin good – without exceptions. You should experience for yourself that the products keep their promises. Dry skin not only lacks moisture, but often also lacks oil. This is produced by the sebum glands and when it is missing the skin looks pale and tight. Because the body’s own fat is insufficient, you have to help with moisturizing or fatty lotions.

Make sure to apply lotion after bathing or showering! Because the water and the shower lotions remove moisture from the skin. Do not shower with water that is too hot and do not stay in the bathtub for too long – all of this will only dry out the skin further.

In order to be supplied with sufficient moisture while sleeping, it is worthwhile to set up humidifiers or water bowls in the room.

Since the very greasy skin care can cause pimples in winter, you should always clean the face thoroughly in the evening and peel it gently with a brush. Then apply a night cream again so that the skin remains protected overnight.

If you have always had very dry skin, anti-aging care should be started early, as wrinkles form faster on dry skin. Especially under the eyes, but also on the cheeks – the areas that are usually driest – you should always use a rich moisturizer to prevent wrinkles.