Proper Nail Care During Cold Temperatures: Hand Bath Information

Proper nail care during cold temperatures will be examined in this article. It is as clear to us as the skin needs better care in cold weathers. But other areas also suffer more than usual in cold temperatures. In addition to the hair, these are about all our nails. They are more sensible and therefore need more attention. Today I’ll tell you what nail care should look like in winter.

At the same time, detergent and soap remove moisture from the skin and nails. In addition, nail polish remover containing acetone is used. The cold air in winter and the strong contrast to the warm air inside are also a risk. Because nails cannot adjust their moisture. So they dry out, become brittle and fragile.

Proper Nail Care During Cold Temperatures

Hand Bath

Every now and then you should treat yourself to a hand bath to soften dry, rough areas and at the same time to take care of your hands. This works, for example, with hand baths that contain honey, olive oil. In this way, not only the nails but also the skin are supplied with moisture. It is right to do this in the evening before you go to bed, let your hands rest for a time in the warm hand bath with the care product and then carefully dab them with a towel so that the ingredients are not lost and absorbed. The warmth that arises under the duvet allows them to penetrate the nails even better.

Proper Nail Care

Nail Care Pens

Nail care sticks can be applied very precisely and have the advantage that they can take care of the nails without having to apply cream to the hands. They care for the nails with valuable ingredients such as aloe vera. This soothes and has a moisturizing effect. And that’s exactly what nails need in cold temperatures.

Nail and Hand Masks

For even more care, nail and hand masks are suitable: in addition to the valuable oils that can also be found in nail care sticks, they often have additional care substances such as anti-aging ingredients. The nail masks are simply put on like a glove, left to work for about half an hour, the glove is removed and the rest of the mask is gently rubbed onto the nail and hand.

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