Pastel nail designs 2022 for the spring

Pastel nail designs are in a very soft spring mood. When the spring is coming, the new nail designs are getting softer and lighter colourful. Pastel is a very soft kind of colour group. It contains all colours but in a very light way. The pastel nail design is also very easy to combine with your outfit.

Pastel nail design is a perfect nail design for spring. It is very exotic and soft. For the daily life pastel nail design are very good suiting. For school, work, or at working out. Pastels nail designs are a super option for the daily life. A sunset pastel nail design in ombre version is the mood of sitting on the beach with friends and enjoying the sunset while having a cold coke.

Pastel nail designs have many beautiful options. The famous polka dots or some two tone designs are very cool with the pastel nail design. You can take a tape and stick it on the half of your nail. Then choose a pastel nail polish, like pastel blue for example and paint the nail from the bottom to the tape. Then let the nail polish dry and remove the tape. The other half is now without any nail polish.

For the pastel nail design stick the tape on the painted other half and paint the left part with another pastel nail polish. Now when both parts are fully dry, you have a line between two colours. To make the pastel nail design more beautiful, you can stick a very thin silver tape on this line. Now your pastel nail design is more original and unique.

The pastel nail designs are also very beautiful with the French manicure on the tip. It fits with the pastel nail designs very good.

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