Nail Polishing Mistakes Revealed: Beauty Secrets and Tips

Nail polishing mistakes will be examined in this article. For many women, nail polishing is a supposedly easy beauty routine. But you can do a lot wrong with this one. We reveal the biggest mistakes and show the right methods that can make a manicure with colored varnish a complete success.

Nail Polishing Mistakes, Advices and Information

Store Nail Polish In The Refrigerator

It is a myth that nail polish will last longer when kept in the refrigerator. Cooled paint does not dry well and flakes off quickly. Therefore, it is better to keep nail polish in a dark place at room temperature.

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The Wrong Time

You have just taken a nice bath and are now sitting comfortably on the sofa in your bathrobe to beautify your nails with color while watching your favorite series or during the phone call with your friend? Not a good idea! After a long bath or shower, the nails are puffy and soft. A layer of nail polish now can even damage the nail in the long term. In addition, the paint doesn’t last long. So after showering or bathing, always wait until the nails are no longer soft and only then apply the polish.

Forget The Top Coat

The nail polish won’t last long without a topcoat. For long-lasting beautiful nails, it is best to apply a layer of the topcoat every day. Incidentally, a basecoat, which you apply before the colored lacquer, also ensures a top result. It fills small grooves and creates a smooth surface.

New Layer On Old Paint

You have a date, but your nail polish no longer looks fresh? Applying a new layer to the old paint would be a very bad idea now. Because the new paint does not stick to the old, chipped paint and the nails look even more frayed than before. Better to remove the nail polish and if there is no time to repaint, leave the house with colorless nails.

Blow For Faster Drying

Many of us blow hard on our nails after polishing to speed up the drying process. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help because it only moisturizes the nails. Drying with a cold blow dryer or vigorously waving your hands only creates waves on the paint instead of a shortened drying time. If it has to be done quickly, this trick can help: Let the paint work for a minute and then dip your fingers in very cold water for one to two minutes. Be careful: some paints are sensitive to this freeze treatment and become porous more quickly.

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