Nail Care To Counteract The Skin And Infections

Beautiful hands definitely also include well groomed fingernails. Our nails also serve as protection from injuries or infections such as nail inflammation. It is therefore particularly important that we take care of our nails, that they are not brittle, but healthy. The skin around the fingernails is also often particularly dry, resulting in cuticles. With more care you can counteract tearing of the skin and brittle fingernails.

Give Your Fingernails A New Shine

Give your nails a new shine. A lightening nail polish with a manicure can stabilize brittle nails, make unsightly discolorations, disappear immediately and the nails look particularly healthy. If you want to give your nails color, then you should apply a base coat. This strengthens the nails and can also be used as a top coat. For a long lasting result, apply two thin layers of colored nail polish over the base coat and seal it with a top coat.

nail care treatment
Skin And Infections

Remove Cuticles

Excess cuticles often have the potential to dry out and tear. By removing the cuticle regularly, you can prevent the skin from tearing. However, be careful not to damage the cuticle. Use a gentle cuticle remover, such as a gel, which you can apply to the cuticle with a brush. After taking effect, you can push back the soft cuticle. Do this with the enclosed wooden stick or a cotton swab and do not cut off the skin. You should then wash your hands thoroughly.

Skin And Infections


Soak your nails in a lukewarm hand or foot bath and brush the nails with a soft nail brush. After the refreshing bath, you can exfoliate your hands or feet. This cleanses and cares for the skin down to the pores.

More proteins: A healthy diet is also part of nail care. What we eat has a huge impact on the health of our nails. Make sure you get enough protein such as lean meat, chicken, fish, and legumes.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice smoothes the cuticle and is also effective for ugly discoloration on the nails. Half fill a bowl with freshly squeezed lemon juice and let the nails soak in it for 10 min. Then carefully scrub the discoloration off the nails with a soft nail brush. Avoid contact with products: cleaning products, detergents can damage the nails. It is good to use gloves when washing dishes and cleaning to protect the nails from substances.