Nail Care For Newborns

Nail care for newborns is often not an easy matter for new parents. However, it is necessary that toenails and fingernails are always the right length and shape, otherwise scratches or injuries can easily occur. With a few tips and a few ingenious tricks, however, you will be able to care for your offspring’s nails without any problems and even unnoticed!

nail care for newborns
Newborns nail

When Do The Nails Need To Be Cut?

It is harmless how long your baby’s nails can get in the first six weeks of life. Under no circumstances should the baby nail scissors be picked up before they are five or seven weeks old. After the birth, the child’s nails are still very soft, so that they fall off by themselves. However, if a piece of nail is sticking out, you can gently pluck it off during this time.

Which Utensils Do I Need For This?

When the newborn is ready, three different utensils are usually required for nail care with the baby. Of course, baby nail scissors are one of them. This should be rust-free and have rounded corners. You will also need a nail clipper that can be used as a variant to nail scissors. A nail file is also helpful if there are irregularities on the nail when cutting or clipping. Usually all three utensils are available in sets.

When Is The Right Time For Nail Care?

The hard baby nails should be cut about twice a week. A look at the toenails reveals when it’s time for nail care again. In general, however, these should be cut off twice a month. This prevents the small toenails from growing in. The nails, on the other hand, always have to be cut round and short. After all, your offspring scratches itself more often, for example while sleeping. If the nails are too long or square, this can lead to injuries.

Did you know that cutting your nails while sleeping is the least amount of noise? As soon as your offspring is slumbering blissfully, he or she will not even notice the otherwise very uncomfortable nail care. It is also good  to cut toenails and fingernails after bathing. So use the night’s rest on the bathing day to get everything back into shape.

How Do I Avoid Injuries?

It can quickly happen that the little finger twitches and thus an injury can result. It therefore makes sense to always trim baby nails during the night. This works best if you gently hold your finger and push the fingertip back off the nail a little. It is of particular importance that the ends of the nail scissors are rounded!