Nail Care For Healthy Fingers And A Beautiful Life

They are the key care of every human being: hands. And they work hard every day. Here a heavy shopping bag has to be lifted, there the fingers have to dash over the keyboard and then we also need our hands to wash the dishes. So treat yourself to a break. We give some care information for the great nail care and how you can pamper yourself with the right hand and nail care.

Why Is Nail Care So Important?

Healthy fingernails are actually not only a question of aesthetics, but also an important indicator of the physical look. Because different conditions can be indications of serious illnesses. Brittle nails are not only annoying and unsightly – they can also indicate a  nutrient deficiency, which is relevant for the rest of the body. A good diet is therefore important for the quality of your nails. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be your daily companion, then it will work from the inside with the beautiful nails. What is necessary from the outside? The right nail care!

Little Helpers With Nail Care

It is important that your hands receive a certain amount of care every day. There are various products for this, which are very easy to use, but can celebrate great success with general use.

Nail Care Oil And Treatments

In the evening before going to bed, you should treat your hands with nail gel. You can also put on cotton gloves if necessary. This way the oil stays on the hands and the ingredients can soak in wonderfully overnight. You can also treat yourself to an oil treatment once a week. To do this, put either the nail oil such as coconut or almond oil in a small bowl and dip your fingertips into it for a few minutes.

Nail Masks

This fashion from Asia works similarly to the glove rule. There are small fleece caps that you put on your nails for about half an hour. It is soaked with a care product and is supposed to provide moisture and prevent nail breakage.

healthy nail care

Care Polishes

You can also apply different varnishes either under the base coat or simply as a maintenance portion. But it is really important that they come onto the nail, otherwise their effect is impaired. Wellness polishes for example, bring many nourishing ingredients to the nail. Groove fillers on the other hand, are a very viscous liquid that is supposed to ensure very smooth nails are a good option to polishing. Because that in turn makes the nails thin and fragile.