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Moisturizing Skin Care During The Summer

Moisturizing Skin Care During The Summer will be reviewed today. The hottest days of the year are just around the corner. But don’t worry: a few simple tips from the world of plants will help you survive them. The quickly prepared recipes with aloe vera and coconut oil for example not only smell wonderful, they are also refreshing and help the skin to regenerate better. They also provide the skin with moisturizing. Let the heat come!

Drink A Lot

Drink naturally: When it is hot, the body excretes a lot of water in order to cool itself. In order to keep the circulation stable, you should feed yourself back to the water. Preferably water or coconut water. This is refreshing and does not contain any sugar. Mint tea, when drunk in small sips, also has a cooling result.


High Sun Protection

Use sun cream with a high factor. The higher the SPF, the better. Because strong sunlight not only increases the risk of skin cancer, too much sun also contributes significantly to premature skin aging. You will get tanned despite sun protection, stay healthy and keep a fresh body. You should therefore always use sun protection not only when sunbathing, but also in everyday life.

Intensive Moisturizing Care

Bring moisture back to the skin. It is important to use care products that not only provide moisture, but also stimulate the body’s own moisture production and support the cells to retain water. Creams that contain hyaluronic and urea are particularly suitable for this. Hyaluronic penetrates the deep layers of the skin, binds many times the moisture there and curbs the loss of moisture. The synthetically produced urea stimulates the skin cells to intensify the moisturizing.

Sun Protection On The Head

Wear sun protection for head and hair. Hats and scarves are not only trendy, they also protect the head and hair from sunlight. If you lie in the blazing sun without covering your head for too long, you risk circulatory or even sunstroke. Colored hair in particular can quickly fade without sun protection, lose its color and appear lackluster.

Moisture Boost For The Hair

Salt water removes important moisture from our hair. Shampoos with glycerine replenish the moisture depots in the cells and additionally seal each individual hair with a protective layer. For effective moisture, apply a treatment or hair mask with aloe vera to the hair for half an hour once a week.