Metallic nail polish trends 2022

The metallic nail polish trends are very In this season. The trend came from the trends from Hollywood. Kylie Jenner the master of nail designs has begun to use metallic nail polish. This started a big trend at her fans. All her fans started using metallic nail polish in every colour. nail polish trends

The metallic nail polish has many colours. The space grey, blue, pink, purple, black, yellow, green and many more. The metallic nail polish is for some events very beautiful. The metallic nail polish can be used for parties for example. The metallic nail polish can also be used for weddings or school events. Or you can use the metallic nail polish also for the daily life but in combination with other normal nail polishes.

An example for a daily nail design with metallic nail polish it is the combination with normal white nail polishes. Paint your nails with metallic nail polish in the colour space grey and let it dry for a while. Then take a normal white nail polish with a very thin brush to decorate your nails better. When the metallic nail polish in the colour space grey is dry, start decorating your painted nails with the white nail polish. You have many options to decorate your nails. You can draw geometrical lines and give a diamond optic. Or you can do dome polka dot nail designs in different sizes. You can start with big polka dots from the bottom and can continue with smaller and thinner polka dots on the middle and at the tip of the nail.

Other design options for metallic nail polish are stickers. Stickers are very easy to use. You can paint your nail in your favourite metallic nail polish colour. When it is dry you can begin to decorate it with your stickers.

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