Inexpensive Home Remedies That You Can Use For Nail Care

Inexpensive Home Remedies That You Can Use For Nail Care. You don’t have to rush to a manicure for beautiful and well groomed nails. There are many inexpensive home remedies that you can use to bring a healthy shine to your nails. Home remedies from the kitchen and garden also help against cracked and brittle fingernails.

Are your nails brittle or discolored, or do you suffer from dry, rough hands? Then you can try one of the proven home remedies first before buying products from the drugstore or even getting a manicure done. However, if signs persist or health issues such as nail fungus or deep cracks persist, you should see a doctor.

Lemon Juice As An All Purpose Product

A useful tip is to always have a few fresh lemons around. Because lemons are not only rich in healthy vitamins. Lemon juice also works as a home remedy for ugly discolorations on the nails, which smokers in particular suffer from. Furthermore, rubbing the inside of a lemon peel makes the hands supple and clears the skin. Lemon juice combined with soda can lighten dark fingernails. But be careful: Always use the sour juice in small doses.

home remedies for nail care
Inexpensive Home Remedies That You Can Use For Nail Care

New Shine For Your Nails

A tried and true home remedy to freshen up your nails is plain old jelly. Rub it on your nails in the morning and in the evening and you will soon see improvement. You can massage olive oil into your nails. Put cotton gloves over your creamed fingers before going to bed, this will make your skin even softer and the it will be more easily absorbed into your nails.

Home Remedies To Strengthen The Nails

A well tried method is to make tea from nettle leaves and silica in the morning and in the evening. Boil a tablespoon of nettle leaves with a cup of water, let the brew stand for 5 minutes and dissolve one or two pieces of silica in it. From the inside out, the silicon contained is supposed to strengthen the nails. Horsetail is also good for strong nails. A warm hand bath before the manicure softens the fingernails and prevents them from splitting.

Protection And Home Remedies For Fingernails

To protect your hands and fingernails, you should wear gloves for all household chores. This is because water and substances in particular are very damaging to the skin and fingernails.