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How To Take Care Of Your Scalp!

Basically, the scalp can be compared to the skin on the face or on the body. With the difference that it is more permeable and therefore more susceptible to a wide variety of influences. Regular styling, hot air with a hairdryer, dry heating air, strong winds or an unhealthy diet can damage the scalp.

Since really beautiful, healthy-looking hair is closely related to a well-groomed scalp, it’s important not to neglect it. Here we tell you how you can take care of your scalp:

Brush Treatment

The right brush not only detangles your strands: if you comb your hair from the roots to the tips with bristles before showering or in between, you stimulate the circulation in the scalp. In addition, you remove excess skin cells that clog the hair follicles and thus interfere with hair growth.

care of your scalp


It is usually sufficient to wash the hair every 2-3 days. This not only reduces the risk of drying out lengths and ends. Particularly important: no matter how often you wash your hair, a soft shampoo is gentle on your scalp.

Intensive Care

In addition to thorough cleaning, a care routine is essential when washing your hair. Not only for your hair – your scalp also benefits from a portion of moisture. A mask that cares for the hair equally is particularly effective – comparable to moisturizing the face immediately after it has been cleaned.

Head Massage

When your scalp is relaxed, so are the hair roots. Your scalp is therefore happy to have a massage: first massage the area from the forehead to the neck using circular movements. Then you take care of the area from the temples to the highest point of the head. This stimulates your scalp, improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair roots. At the same time, the massage acts like a break and reduces stress.

  • Make sure not to wash your hair too hot and only use the blow dryer on a low level.
  • In winter, a bowl of water on the heater will help increase the humidity in the room.
  • In summer, you should be careful not to expose your scalp to sunlight. So wear a hat, especially at lunchtime.
  • When caring for your hair, you should be careful not to use hair care products that are too heavy. Natural shampoos that are labeled, mild shampoo are the right ones. Even well-rated dandruff shampoos bring the scalp back into balance and also work against itching. Massage the shampoo thoroughly into the hair, this will thoroughly remove the flakes and at the same time promote circulation.