How To Properly Cut Fingernails

Because opinions differ, beginners in particular are unsettled when it comes to fingernails care: In principle, cutting the cuticle is not advised – at the same time, drug stores and retailers offer their own cuticle scissors.

Nail Care Beginners Shouldn’t Cut Off Their Cuticles

What is right now? Two aspects can be noted here. On the one hand, scissors and sharp objects do not belong in the hands of beginners here, pushing back the cuticle with a cuticle remover and a soft rosewood stick is always the better choice. Because the cuticle is not only an aesthetic nuisance, it also fulfills an important function for the nail. If it is injured, it can result in infections, for example. It looks different, however, if the cuticle grows clearly into the nail bed – a removal is of course sensible here.


It All Depends On The Choice Of Scissors

Another aspect concerns the choice of scissors: the cuticle must never be removed with regular scissors. Nail care experts can carefully cut off protruding cuticles with cuticle scissors or pliers. Cuticle scissors are shaped with a particularly finely tapered, slightly curved tip. In this way, when placed flat, they can remove the cuticle. A prerequisite for this is, of course, a cautious procedure in which the outer cuticle around the nail bed is not injured. It is better to proceed slowly than too quickly; Any protruding residue can then still be pushed back using the method described above with cuticle remover and rosewood sticks.

Cutting Fingernails: These Are The Risks

Even if you follow the instructions for cutting your fingernails, you should always use a file rather than scissors. Cutting with scissors can break your fingernails. The nail plate can also split and moisture penetrate. If the intermediate nail that connects the nail and it is damaged, fungi can settle in this injury. If you have cut the nails anyway, seal the cut edges with a special file.

File Brittle Nails Gently

If you have brittle and splintered nails, a soft file such as a sand leaf file or glass file should be used. Disadvantage: Sand leaf files only last for a few manicures. The following applies: the finer the grain size of the file, the more gently the nail will be shortened. It is also advisable to only move the file in one direction so as not to roughen the nail.

Push Back Cuticles Properly

The cuticle should only be gently pushed back with a cotton swab or a rosewood stick. In no case should you cut the cuticle with scissors, as this can lead to injuries.

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