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How To Prepare The Aloe Vera Cure At Home For Yourself?

Aloe vera is a true beauty miracle when it comes to caring for dry or slightly burnt skin! Here you can find out how you can make aloe vera yourself. Aloe Vera Effect

Sunburn, dry skin or a bite? A remedy has also grown against these little problems! Aloe vera has been considered a medical plant for thousands of years and is also used to care for our skin. The healing gel is contained in many beauty products, but you can also easily extract it yourself from the plant. Here’s how to do it!

What You Have To Know

If you want to make aloe vera yourself, it should be at least three years old and already have twelve leaves. Aloe vera leaves store nutrients and contain vitamins and enzymes. The thick leaves are made up of three layers: They consist of the outer bark, the inner gel and the juice.

The gel has many positive properties: It can heal injuries and has anti-inflammatory results in humans, promotes wound healing. It can be used especially for sunburn, itchy skin, minor burns and bites. Before you can get to the gel, however, the outer layer of the leaf with the yellow juice must be removed: The leaf bark and the yellow juice contain aloin, which has a strong effect and can cause signs of poisoning if overdosed.

aloe vera cure at home

This Is How You Make The Aloe Vera Cream Durable

The aloe vera cream can be easily pureed or crushed in a blender. Put the pureed cream in an ice tray and place it in the freezer. Later you can thaw the frozen mass again one at a time. Before pureing, add either 10 to 20 drops of vitamin E. Then keep the pureed cream in the refrigerator.

Aloe Vera Effect In Skin Care

Aloe Vera is a great miracle cure for the skin. It is even popular as a first aid for burns and abrasions, as its gel soothes the skin and relieves pain. It is also used for sunburn: simply apply the gel thinly, distribute it and let it absorb. The reddened skin is cooled and tense less. To avoid noticeable scars, aloe vera also supports wound healing.

In addition, aloe vera can even be used for serious skin damages such as shingles. Their properties help with healing and also supply the skin with ingredients so well that the disease can be alleviated in the further course.

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