Skin care

How To Deal With Acne To Look Smoother

So-called late acne differs from puberty mainly in that the skin tends to be drier. It forms fewer blackheads, but more pimples and inflammation, especially on the chin. Good news: In people with a little oily skin, the first wrinkles do not appear so clearly. A slightly oily skin often looks smoother.

Pimples At 30

In late-onset acne, pimples appear mainly on the chin. The tests show that adult acne is not uncommon: Are you one of them? Then we recommend a good care of suitable cleansing and care products for your skin. Because the combination of acne and wrinkles results in two main challenges:


Dryness Wrinkles

If the oily skin is dried out by certain sessions, this can promote the formation of dryness lines – an effect that you would definitely want to do without.

New Pimples

A moisturizing or anti-wrinkle product that is too rich is usually not helpful either, as it can clog the pores, which in turn can lead to new pimples and blackheads.

For external care of your skin, you can use a suitable peeling or a nourishing.  A mask cares for and protects the skin and supplies it with products that can stop the production of sebum. Remember not to wash the acne-prone areas of skin as often as this could destroy the protective skin coat. When washing yourself, you should make sure that you use a pH soap or a cleansing lotion that is suitable for blemished skin.

After washing, you should give your skin the moisture it needs, for which water-based moisturizing should be used. Make sure that the products are suitable for blemished skin and contain neither fats nor oils, as these could clog the pores of the skin.

When taking care of your skin, make sure that the products you choose contain little or no alcohol, as alcohol dries out the skin. If your skin is dry as a result, it must be counteracted with greasy creams and ointments. However, this can further promote acne, so use caution when applying!

Heat and Cold

What many do not know: Sun, cold and heat can irritate the skin and as a result, promote acne. Depending on the individual skin and disposition, a different approach to weather influences and the prevailing room climate is recommended. While you shouldn’t heat too much in winter, for example, it is important not to set the air conditioning too high in summer and not to expose yourself to the sun for too long.