How to Cut Baby Nails? Detailed Review and Information

How to Cut Baby Nails? We will examine this subject today. Is it the first time cutting your baby’s fingernails? A challenge for beginners! We reveal the things you should do for baby nail care. Because let’s be honest: The fingers and fingernails are so tiny.

Changing diapers, bathing or cutting fingernails – these are all first baby care times that most parents won’t soon forget. The little body looks so fragile in the adult hands. Can we break something there? The uncertainty is understandable, because caring for your own baby is a huge difference in the infant care course.

how cut baby nails

How To Cut Baby Nails? Real Information and Tips

When Do You Have To Cut Your Baby’s Fingernails?

The finger and toenails form in the 21st to 24th week of pregnancy. If the babies are not born prematurely and see the light of day after the 38th week of pregnancy, their fingernails are longer than their fingertips. In the first six weeks after the birth, however, they are still very soft and usually break off on their own in the right place. However, you don’t have to worry about nail care just yet, that will only happen after the next period.

How Do You Cut Babies Fingernails?

As with many things, it is simply a matter of taste, which you can handle better. Maybe you prefer the file and others prefer the scissors or the other way around? In any case, you should really invest in the small version. The baby nail scissors are rounded, the special baby nail file gently round off the fingernails. Please do not use a regular sand leaf file these can injure the soft fingertips of your offspring. There are also baby nail clippers that some parents swear by, others do not cope with them as well because, unlike scissors and files, you can quickly clip off too much skin or nail. When shortening, make sure that you cut the baby fingernails slightly.

If Your Fingernails Are Scratchy: Should You Put Mittens Or Socks Over Your Baby’s Hands?

Not a pretty sight: your bundle of joy has scratched its face with your fingernails. Another important thing for midwives is the protective layer for the little hands in the form of scratching mittens or baby socks. That can of course help. Keep in mind that your baby needs its hands and fingers to explore the world and also to calm itself down. His sensory perception is interrupted when his hands are often hidden. So be careful when you carry it, even if you just want to protect your baby. And if it doesn’t work at all, then you’d better make regular cuts.

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