How to become a woman with beauty and brain? with beauty

Some women are beautiful, some are very intelligent. How to become a woman with beauty and brain? with beauty.  Who do you want to become? Well! I choose both beauty and brain. Being beautiful is a God gift but that doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful. You can always. For a woman, nothing is impossible. You just need to have that confidence in you. Intelligence can also be God gifted but that remains limited for sometimes until you update yourself along with your day-to-day activities. Education can give you both…beauty and brain.

Sounds like impossible! Let’s see how!

  1. What do you mean by beauty in context of men?

What do men like in woman? A man nowadays like a woman who is beautiful along with her personality. Personality includes your facial expressions when you talk respectfully and softly, eat mannerly, your sincere behaviour, the way you smile gracefully, the way you look perfectly, your calm and patient nature that makes him fall in love with you. Only your beautiful face can’t attract him. These everything makes you a perfect package with limited edition. Improve yourself if even one of these is less in your personality. Improving makes you better. Improve for him and for yourself as well.

  1. How will you improve yourself? 

Well! It is in your hands to improve yourself. Willingness is must in learning process. You can note down the areas you need to improve. It will be easier if you are educated and docile. Change your wearing style according to new trends and specially which suits you to look better. Own your style to inspire others. Watch English movies, watch podcast this will change your language drastically. Update yourself everyday with new learning.

  1. Continue studying

There is no age for learning and becoming a student again. You can learn and get the degrees at any age. Gaining more knowledge will change your mindset and behaviour as well. Education will make you more beautiful by improving your way of talking, smiling as you become more understanding.

  1. Reading motivational books and novels

Reading will motivational books will change your perception. You will switch to positively, learn to take decisions. That will also help you to use your precious time wisely. While reading novels will inspire you to relive your life. Mistakes are the part and the parcels of life, making them lessons you can live more beautifully.

  1. Accept the changes rather than resisting them

Changes are good, only you need to take it positively. It’s up to you how early as soon as possible you practice them. People sometimes learn to forget since good habits should be practiced life time.

Why do you want to become a woman with beauty and brain? 

It’s not necessary that you change yourself that you be loved by him. Improve for your betterment, improve for your. He will accept you the way you are if you are first a good human being. Be yourself but also be compatible with its skills and emotional structure. You should be a great team together. Why do you want to become a women with beauty and brain? Think this and create your own plan to realise this goal. We wish you a good luck on your improvement journey.

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