Skin care

Hand Care For The Skin’s Elasticity – Detailed Review and Information

Our hands are stressed every day and are therefore quickly damaged. The consequences: dry hands, cracked nails and cracked skin. No wonder, because our skin on the back of the hand is particularly thin and has only a few glands and hardly any fatty tissue or subcutaneous tissue. This makes them particularly weak, which makes correct hand care all the more important.

Hands Have To Endure A Lot

The inside of the skin, on the other hand, has many sweat glands, but water is not bound well in the skin here either. Then there are the many influences to which the hands are exposed. In addition to cold, heat, heated air and UV light, the hands also quickly get away from touching surfaces such as doors, keyboards and the like, as well as regularly washing their hands with soap and water.

Hand Care

What Does A Good Hand Cream Contain?

Creams bind moisture and increase the skin’s elasticity. Shea butter provide fatty acids that heal our skin. Nourishing oils are especially good for dry skin.

Dry Hands

Are your hands prone to dry skin? Make sure to wash your hands with a lukewarm water to avoid drying out the skin unnecessarily. Then apply a nourishing hand cream against dry hands. Especially dry hands will enjoy a cream with content such as urea, because it binds the moisture in the skin. Great for your hand care for dry hands!

Older Hands

Middle-aged hands often need an additive in their care, including hand care. Anti-aging with special ingredients – such as certain peptides- are particularly great for counteracting premature skin aging on the hands. The ingredients stimulate collagen and the cells, care for your skin and therefore support your hand care.

Day and Night Cream

During the day, hand creams that are quickly absorbed, that care for the hands with rich content and that contain a sun protection are the suitable ones.

More For Easy Hand Care

If you think more about your hand care in the future, your hands will thank you for it in the long run. Always wear gloves when gardening or cleaning the house so that your skin care is not disturbed and your hands are not unnecessarily dry, are protected from all contents – such as those in cleaning agents and the substances in plants – and nails do not tear.

Wash your hands properly, not with hot water, but with lukewarm water, because water that is too warm removes fat and moisture from the skin. And constant hand washing with soap also destroys the protective layer of fat on the hands. For maximum hand care, it is better to use pH-neutral products.

Treat your hands to something good and make your skin feel more comfortable. How it works? With a hand peeling, because it removes dry skin flakes, is especially good for rough skin and gives the skin a better feeling.