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Hairstyle Trends For Women At A Glance

The new hairstyle fashion for winter 2021 is intended to do one thing above all: radiate new styles and help you find a new you. The trends for women at a glance.

Rooted Blonde

This short haircut achieves softness and flexibility thanks to its outgrown look. The side and neck areas are cut in the undercut, the longer top hair naturally falls over it. According to the hairstyles, this creates a feminine cut. Lots of texture in the top hair ensures volume and versatility. If the lengths and tips are lightened, it also underlines the outgrown look and gives the hairstyle depth.

New Grunge

In the second styling, the short haircut is more casual. The top hair is curled with a straightener and torn open with the help of a spray and styled on the side of the face. The balayage adds depth and supports the structure. In the curly version, the haircut should give a rocky touch.

French Cut

You cannot avoid French hair in winter. Classic French hairstyle is the strongly graduated collarbone length combined with full bangs. This extends over the eyebrows and can be styled to the side. With the French cut, the roots are colored darker for even more energy, the lengths and tips are lightened and colored in a gold copper tone.

hairstyle trends for women

Glam Curls

Curls are still in trend – and they also work with French cuts. A voluminous, round shape is possible thanks to the highly graded haircut. The lightened lengths and tips make the curls more 3D and give depth and texture.

Good Girl Haircut

The middle parting is a classic and very popular this year. A soft layer of shoulder length hair supports natural movement. The combination of a middle parting and an overly long pony that reaches to the corners of the mouth creates an uncomplicated style.

New Energy

As a contrast to the unexcited look, this styling of the new energy is deliberately provocative. The small curls created with hot rollers cite the 80s.

New Wave

Curls are not only trendy this year for women. Whether temporarily with the styling or for the more daring with permanent reshaping, the haircut is predestined for curly styling thanks to the long outer hair.

Easy Rider

The second styling option shows the changeability of the haircut. Here the natural movement of the hair is supported with a styling clay.