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Gorgeous Crochet Hairstyles: Women Hair trends 2022

Following are some easy Gorgeous Crochet Hairstyles: Women Hair  trends 2022. Crocheting your hair is something very different to style your hair. This has been in trends and easy to maintain. There are different ways to customize this hairstyle once you master and become used to.. Anyone can pick this hairstyle to look trendy. This is an easy hairstyle yet a little time consuming but once is done, you are going to love it.

  1. Crochet Braid

Cute and neatly done Gorgeous Crochet braid is the easiest way to style your hair. Once you are done making crochet braids you can customize it and style your hair in different ways, you can make ponytail, a high ponytail. You can even make a bun neatly.

  1. Tight curls

These are bouncy and and adorable curls which looks very beautiful and attractive.

  1. Kinky Textured Curls

This is mostly inspiring hairstyle for the black women.  This is a bold, nationally voluminous and a beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Braided Top knot

This hairstyle includes crochet braids. All the braids pulled together back side of the like a high ponytail and pinned up into a neat bun. Wear a strong elastic band to make it stay stronger for a long time. For a beautiful texture, you can highlight the tresses.

  1. Deep side parted curls

Create a deep side of your hair whichever side you like, apply a serum to soften the hair. Pull the fuller side hair back of your head to separate into two sections pin the top section back side of your head. This looks amazing.

  1. Holographic Multi colored shoulder length curls

This is a very trendy and attractive hairstyle. You need to choose different color scheme to give a perfect look to your curls. This style is for the shoulder length hair. Choose different colors whichever you like cool, warm or complementary to dye your your curls from root to edges.

  1. Kinky long hair with bead accents

This is a classic hairstyle yet hot nowadays. Simply cascade down to the shoulders all the waves. Use a single accent bead on your hair.

  1. Short Afro with Middle part and tight curls

This hairstyle increases the attractiveness of your face. Make two equal sections in the middle of your wave hair. You can apply a serum soften your hair so that you can easily and neatly make the sections. To make this hairstyle more attractive you can dip dye your hair.

How to maintain crocheted  braids? Crocheted Hairstyles: Women Hair trends 2022

Crocheted braids is beautiful hairstyle as it is very different and creative. It creates a huge impression on others. This is an African style. 

There are certain steps to be followed to maintain your crocheted braids to secure your hair.

  1. Oil your scalp every other day to strengthen the roots and to grow the new hair. They will be soft and smooth always. You can use olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil whichever suits you.
  2. Trim the frizzy hair..
  3. Wear a satin scarf before you sleepsleep.  It will help you to secure your waves.
  4. Secure your edges by applying a little gel on it or you can even use edge control.


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