Glitter nail design for parties 2022

Glitter nail design are the most preferred nail designs for parties. Shiny glitter nail designs are very

Cool and attention getting. This is a good feature for parties on nights. Glitter nail designs are very easy to do simply at home. It is not necessary to go to a nail studio, while you can do it at home very comfortable. Spending long hours in a nail studio and paying a big bill for a glitter nail desgn which you can do at home too, is not a good idea.

The glitter nail design is combinable with some other nail designs like the French manicure. The French manicure is a very elegant decoration for the glitter nail designs. A gold nail glitter with gold French manicure and a glassy nail polish is a very cool combination for a party. Parties are places with different lights and colours. For such events you can make a glitter mixture to shine at the party like a star.

The glitter nail design is sometimes also suitable for the daily life. A white nail polish with very light silver glitters at the tip of the nail is a very gook combination. After the combo is fully dry, you can paint the nail for a shiny look with a glassy nail polish. The glitter nail design is then ready for the day.

Another daily glitter nail design is a mix with polka dots and glitter. A beautiful pink nail polish with glitter and whit dots. At first paint the nail with the pink nail polish and let it dry. Before the pink nail polish is fully dry, put some glitter of it and let it finish drying. When it is fully dry put some whit polka dot on the nail and let it dry.

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