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Genital Area Care For Women During Summer

Genital Area Care For Women During Summer will be reviewed today. Burning and itching the skin? Discharge with an unpleasant smell? Swimming in chlorinated water can have bad consequences. The reason: Many women are sensitive to components in swimming pool water, such as chlorine. A disturbed flora – caused by a lack of lactic acid – additionally intensifies these risks and triggers the known unpleasant signals.

It All Depends On The pH

Even in a healthy state, there are bacteria in the flora. They produce lactic acid and thus ensure that the environment. The pH value of a healthy flora is between 3.5 and 4.5. This slightly environment prevents germs from multiplying too much or from entering from outside.

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Genital Area Care For Women During Summer and Winter

What Harms Everything

Synthetic underwear such as thongs, a warm climate in the genital area due to tight pants, behavioral errors such as throwing out swimwear, but also the use of detergents or unfavorable care can disturb the natural pH value of the intimate area in many women. Therefore, the following applies: It is good to clean the genital area with gentle acid preparations. And the same applies when shaving the bikini line: Use gentle foam, otherwise the skin of the area will be irritated and unsightly and itchy pustules will develop.

Every day gynecologists see numerous patients whose flora is deficient in bacteria. The causes are varied: frequent therapies, imbalance, but also too much hygiene. In principle, they therefore advise every woman to take a lactobacillus cure twice a year, especially before the holiday season.

• Advice for the summer season at a glance
• Keep intimate areas clean and dry
• Disinfectants and douches should only be used as adviced by a doctor
• Use pH-neutral for intimate hygiene
• Use your own towel for the genital area

Avoid Wearing Synthetic Underwear And Pants That Are Too Tight

If you shave wet, you shouldn’t do without shaving foam. This ensures that the hair becomes thicker and softer. This will make them easier to shave. Shaving is the quickest and easiest way to remove hair, and it’s also painless. However, hair grows back after a few days after a shave. This also applies to chemical removal with depilatory. Each part of the body requires a different shaving.

When shaving your legs, start at the ankles and work upwards. Many wet razors have an integrated gel pad. Particularly easy when you want to go quickly in the morning or when traveling, as you don’t have to pack shaving gel. To prevent razor burn, skin irritation and pimples in the genital area, shave hair in the direction of growth. Important: rinse the blade with clear water after shaving and let it air dry. Change the blade every three weeks to avoid skin irritation. Blunt blades can lead to minor grazes and injuries more quickly.