Hair Styles

For Every Hair Length: The Most Beautiful Trend Hairstyles

As we age, not only does our skin change, our hair also becomes thinner. The aging cannot be stopped, but with the right care and suitable haircuts it can at least be delayed and concealed.

A haircut rule is: the shorter the hair, the more textured it looks. So if you notice that your hair is getting thinner, you might consider getting a short haircut. But if you are satisfied with your hair, you can still wear a long hairstyle at 60 or 70. The assumption that after a certain age you can only wear short hair is long out of date! We have collected the greatest examples here.

An Accurate Parting Adds Elegance

While messy buns and casual undone hair was on the styling schedule last year, this year we are bringing back a typical cut. Because: The strict middle parting is famous than ever before! We are happy, because the middle parting fits almost every face shape and conjures up a classic cut without any effort. The middle parting in the sleek cut is particularly popular. For this, the hair is carefully straightened and can be worn either open or as a low ponytail or bun.  You can refine the sleek cut with a gloss spray and give your hair a glossy finish.

The Soft Pixie Cut

Are you thinking of ​​getting a short hairstyle cut? Then the soft pixie cut could be the right hairstyle for you. The short haircut will be worn more feminine in 2021 than we have known it before. With the soft pixie cut, the hair is cut short on the sides and the top hair is kept a little longer. This creates a soft, loose cut with the hair falling on top of the head. The haircut becomes classy with fringed, long bangs. The strands play around the face and make the hair look more textured.

Beautiful Trend Hairstyles

French Cut

The French Cut is also one of the trendiest haircuts in 2021. Light layers and a fringe that falls loosely into the face. The stylish hairstyle is great for both medium-length and long hair.  It’s a real lightning-fast haircut that can also be styled with rivets. Simply knead a little texture spray into your hair and let it air dry.

Medium-Length Hair Is The Trend

The long bob is also still trendy. No wonder, because hardly any length of hair can be styled as shoulder-length hair: from trendy beach waves to a deeply tied bun to half-open hair with a statement. Incidentally, you can give medium-length hair more texture with a layered cut. The fringed steps make your mane look much fuller.