Foot Nail Care Step By Step

Foot Nail Care Step By Step. Unfortunately, looking at one’s bare feet is not always pleasant. This is due to calluses, corns or unkempt nails. What is important in foot care? In our latitudes, the feet have a dark existence for most of the year. Hidden in stockings and shoes, they are not noticed. It’s different in summer: in open shoes, your feet come into focus. And what you see is not always beautiful: be it over-long nails, calluses.

A Little Care Is Usually Enough

First of all, you should take the time to look at your feet and think about what is annoying, where should you do something. Depending on the findings, different measures are then indicated. Some of them you can take into your own hands, others should be left to a foot care. What is important step by step in foot care; Foot Nail Care Step By Step

Care program: To get a healthy foot in shape, a care program is often enough. In principle, all you need is foot bath salt, peeling, a sponge or stone, good nail files and a nourishing cream for skin and nails.

Warm footbath: It starts with a warm footbath. This softly softens the skin and nails so that they can be worked on easily. An alkaline additive has a great result at the same time and makes the feet soft and supple.

Foot Nail Care

Remove calluses: Excess calluses should be removed after the bath. Sometimes all that is needed is a vigorous rubbing with a coarse terry towel or a foot peeling with a rub-off body. A pumice stone or a file made of quartz will help if the callus is very pronounced. However, if too much cornea is removed, the risk of injury increases. Because the underlying tissue is deprived of its protection from stimuli such as pressure and heat and harmful germs and penetrate the skin more quickly.

Nail care: So that the toenails look well-groomed, they should be kept relatively short and straight – the corners slightly rounded. You can do this with scissors or clippers, but also with a file, which is usually good for shaping the shape. You can then polish the nails  to keep them supple and prevent them from breaking.

Daily care: After this one-time care, small measures are usually sufficient to maintain the condition of the feet over the long term. For example, daily application of lotion prevents the development of new calluses and prevents the skin from drying out.