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Foot Care Steps For A Healthier Life

Our feet always carry us through our lives. In winter it is the heavy weather and boots that are supposed to protect our feet from the cold and sometimes also cut off their air. In summer, peep-toes and flip flops that are eagerly awaiting their first appearance. But before that happens, you should have a thorough foot care on your plan. You don’t always have to go to expensive beauticians, you can simply do your foot care yourself at home. How it works? Find out here!

First Step In Foot Care: Remove Calluses

The callus protects our feet and hands from pressure and friction. Nevertheless, it should be removed regularly, otherwise it can become a health problem. Because the callus can very quickly lead to dry feet and thus promote the cracks. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also cause pain in your feet. To counteract this, you should always take good care of your feet. Therefore, regular callus removal is a must in your grooming.

But not only that, because there are many other helpful tips to keep your feet nice and supple. If you have decided to do your own foot care, you should start by removing the callus. Take a soothing foot bath with warm water. However, be careful not to bathe your feet in it for more than 15 minutes, otherwise the skin will be too soft and wrinkled. In this state, it is no longer possible for you to feel the transition from healthy skin to the cornea, which can lead to injuries. Don’t remove too much of your cornea.

Nourishing Foot Bath

You can also add an alkaline additive to your foot bath. This has a moisturizing and makes the feet soft and supple. So you can immediately start with your self-made foot care.

Foot Care

Exfoliate Your Feet

After the soothing foot bath, it is now time to start doing your own foot care. There are many ways to remove annoying calluses – such as: a pumice stone. Gently massage the scrub into the soles of your feet. Thanks to the pumice stone particles and the mountain salt, it gently removes rough, rough skin and at the same time cares for your feet with almond oil and urea. The result is immediately noticeable velvety feet.

In addition, a pumice stone or file can be used during peeling to remove the callus. However, it is important to ensure that not too much skin is removed, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Apply Cream To Your Feet

You should then take care of your feet with a rich moisturizer. With its care of callus-reducing and the aquaporin, it supplies the skin with moisture and is developed for feet that are prone to pronounced callus. The contained ingredient urea is also found in the upper layer of the skin, helps your skin to bind fluids and has a stabilizing on the protective function of the skin.