Fatigue in women: Detailed review and information

A woman is a care taker of the whole house. She is responsible for all the household arrangements. She even goes through many physical and hormonal changes. Menstruation cycle, getting pregnant, carrying baby 9 months in her womb along with sickness, nausea vomiting and other health related issues, delivering baby etc. These aren’t easy. These requires courage. This is the reason that women are stronger than men to bear any kind of pain. But this later results in fatigue. Fatigue in women will be reviewed today, here the details:

What is fatigue and why it is common in women? 

What is fatigu? Fatigue is an exertion which is the result of tiredness from daily activities, sleeplessness, weakness etc. This is very common in women as they are mostly involved mentally and physically in whole day activities along with taking care of kids. She doesn’t sleep enough, constantly thinking about her household tasks and family. She even plans for the next day and wakes up early. Weakness, tiredness, sleeplessness, overthinking kills her everyday badly which results in fatigue.

How will you know that you are suffering from fatigue? 

Symptoms of fatigue

Fatigue isn’t a disease that you need rest and medication for the days, a course of medication to get complete relief. It’s and exertion of your tiredness and sleeplessness. But it can be chronic and last for a long time span. Here the symptoms of fatigue in women:

  1.  You feel so tired and sleepy all the time.
  2.  You feel weakness as you do a little work and you need a rest.
  3.  You become exhausted and feelings very low.
  4.  You don’t feel fresh even after sleeping.
  5.  You feel deteriorated.
  6.  You feel low as if you have no energy to do anything.
  7.  Lack of concentration
  8.  Lack of mindfulness and attention
  9.  Feeling dehydrated
  10.  You don’t like anything except resting in the bed comfortably.


Causes of fatigue in women and treatment

We will share the most important details of fatigue in women below. Causes of fatigue in women and treatment of fatigue in women subjects and examinations will be explained for women. Causes and treatment of fatigue in women can be seen below. Here the details:

Causes of fatigu in women

Though fatigue isn’t a disease but it can worsen the situation of the diseases women are already suffering from. Here the causes of fatige in human beings:

  1. Weakness and tiredness for long a long time span which makes a woman hopeless and overthinking. A diabetic patient may complain for increase in frequency of urination or feel more thirsty.
  2. Breathing issues weakness and tiredness increase. A patient with heart or lungs diseases experience increase in these difficulties.
  3. In other diseases as well, if you are suffering from fatigue the situation may worsen if you avoid fatigu.

Treatment of fatigue in women

Your doctor may recommend you to go for some tests like glucose screening test, CBC, vitamins deficiencies, TSH in thyroid etc. But these all depend on your condition and your answers of the doctors questions. Here the treatment of fatige in women:

  1. Fatigue can be treated through medication, the doctor’s prescription.
  2. Having a positive attitude and a self-awareness about your conditions.
  3. Reading good books which motivates you through engaging your mind and heart.
  4. Change your sleeping patterns. Sleep enough and develop a habit of following the pattern always.
  5. Eat healthy which immunes you and gives you resistance power.
  6. Exercise and medication is must to get a sound sleep and mind relaxation.
  7. Walking may help you to get enough sleep and a proper blood flow in your body.

These aren’t easy until you have a confidence in you that you will be able to do all these for yourself. But once you will develop habits, gradually you will get rid of your difficult situations and cone up with beautiful flying colours. I believe you!

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