Falling in love: Is it unfortunate for a woman?

Falling in love for a woman is beautiful. She becomes more beautiful and loving. She smiles, she enjoys, she doesn’t sleep, she thinks all the time about her love. She becomes crazy when she realizes that she is in love. But this is only beautiful until he (the man with whom she has fallen in love) loves her back. Women are sensitive by nature. She loves whole heartedly, unconditionally, selflessly.

Have you seen a woman in love? You will laugh if you get to see a woman in love. She behaves as if she is alone in on the earth with her love. She smiles anytime without reason, she gets dressed as if her love is waiting for her to see how she looks like, she dances alone listening love songs and so on.

Falling in love: Women enjoys being crazy in love with a man

  1. She becomes strong

When she falls in love she waits for her love and if she is loved back she becomes more beautiful. She enjoys her life in love. And if she is rejected by him she cries, puts more efforts to convince him. If he still doesn’t accept her she moves on and never turns back. Sometimes she rejects him but still it takes time to heal for her. She has a delighted heart and sensitive emotions but she takes strong decisions. Either with love or without him she becomes strong.

  1. She becomes more responsible

Being in love she feels as if she is complete. She take care of her love, husband or family at home without complaining for a tiredness, fatigue or headache. She is a human being, she gets tiered too but actually no one cares because everyone is so busy in their own job. Getting tasty cooked food, all the facilities, they don’t even realize or recall her until she falls ill. She doesn’t care. She is responsible.

  1. She is enough alone

If her husband or love leaves her, removes her from his life she is enough alone to earn and live her life in her own ways. She even takes care of her kids alone. She is that enough. If is unskilled she washes dishes at other’s home to earn and buy necessities, to feed her kids. But nowadays women learn from internet and get new business ideas to earn. She is truly enough in all kinds of situation.

  1. She forgives and move on

No matter how much someone hurts her, she doesn’t take revenge. She cries. Crying heals her heart, washes her heart, it make her heart pure and transparent in order to make her strong. She finally moves on. Her heart is big enough to forgive her culprits. How beautiful she is! Very less people are blessed with inner beauty which is very essential to live life beautifully.

If a women loves..

She is happy with her love or husband if he too love her. She is fortunate having a person in her life who loves her more than her. If she is in pain because of her love or husband has left her that is all about the situation, reasons, trust, care and understanding. If any of these is absent in her love life both the partners have to suffer. The situation can be taken over by them sitting together, talking, agreements and mutual understanding. Because of these we cannot blame love. Love is natural. No one falls in love with planning. Your heart falls in love, your soul cannot live without him, gives you beautiful feeling being in love. Mind has no role in love. Mind can guide you towards good or bad and that depends on your maturity level. Love can’t be unfortunate. Love makes you strong in all kinds of situation. Falling in love is always a beautiful thing.

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