Skin care

Detox For Your Skin – Detailed Review and Information

Time for a detox! It should help to cleanse the body of the consequences of our unhealthy lifestyle and environmental pollution and thus collect new mentality for everyday life. Bad habits are questioned and unhealthy diets exposed in order to be more careful with oneself and one’s body. Fasting, juice or smoothies are recommended. How does our skin regain itself and arm itself against harmful environmental influences?

Homemade Cosmetics

To support the detox from the outside, it is helpful to use a few homemade care products without overwhelming the skin. Pure oils, green tea, white clay and seaweed are just some of the natural products. They help the skin to regenerate.



If you want to detoxify your skin, you should cleanse it thoroughly every day. Again, it is important not to overdo it. Try which detergents you prefer to use. Be it micellar water or a cleansing milk. Once you have found your cleaning solution, use it gently. Wash your face with water several times a day.


Peelings are great for removing old skin cells. Do not use too coarse a peeling here: mild and natural remedies are best. After peeling, it is good to rub the skin with pure oils.

Facial Steam Baths

Put a saucepan of hot water, place a towel over your head, and hold your face in the warm steam. This will open your pores and remove blackheads. There are also special products. Basically, table salt and chamomile tea also serve their purpose.

Massages and Masks

While massages stimulate blood in the face, masks help to care for the skin. Of course, the relaxation is also important here. The skin alone cannot detoxify if the mind does not calm down. So lie down and enjoy!

It is important to get rid of alcohol and coffee during your detox. Both are particularly stressful for the skin. Drink lots and lots of water. That alone will work wonders! You can spice it up with cucumber, mint or berries, for example. Smoothies and teas are also good.

Detox Every Day

In principle, you can also take care of your skin in everyday life, and treat yourself to a break from time to time. If you generally avoid chemical substances and have a good recovery from stress, a detox is not necessary. If you follow a good diet, get active and use homemade products, you are sure to be more sustainable on the road.