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Comprehensive Female Haircut Review 2022

What’s new in hairstyles 2022? We asked the best hairdressers and a comprehensive trend preview for you! We now wear these trending hairstyles and hair colors. Haircut Review 2022

Accurate Bob 2022

The bob was the biggest haircut ever in 2022. And its also so in 2022. But instead of a long bob or a messy bob, we’ll be wearing the hairstyle this year very accurately. That means: No steps or specific cuts. The hair is cut straight and reaches at most to the chin. Edgy in addition: a short pony.

Female Haircut
Comprehensive Female Haircut Review 2022

Grown Out Fringes 2022

Girls with curtain bangs watch out: You hardly have to do anything for this style, just have a little patience. In 2022 we will let our side hair grow out nicely. Advantage of this? The strands fall loosely and into the rest of the hair and flatter our facial features.

Long Pixie Cut 2022

The pixie cut is also extending the fashion – in the truest sense of the word. In 2022 we will no longer wear the short haircut, but in a long way. Means: The hair is worn a bit longer than usual and can be styled in a better way.

Choppy Cut 2022

In 2022 everything will be under the sign of naturalness. Elaborate cuts are a thing of the past; instead, casual styles are used. An example of this new movement is the choppy cut, which we will find on quite a few heads in the coming year. The choppy cut gives you a slightly cut and is styled by a fringed look and many levels. This makes your mane look a bit undone and therefore casual. Big advantage: the cut can be easily styled.

Comprehensive Female Haircut Review 2022

Chin Bob 2022

Elegance and nature at the same time – that’s the chin bob. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is cut down to the chin. It looks particularly fashionable when the hair is blunt and cut to a length. If you want to break up the boyish style and look more feminine, you can get some waves into your hair. And when it comes to parting, there is no right or wrong either: side parting looks great, ​​middle parting gives the head of hair a relaxed touch.

Trimmed Pixie 2022

You know the pixie cut and are already a fan of this cheeky haircut? Then there is now good news, because the hairstyle that has now become a trend will get an update in 2022. With this Pixie, the hair is trimmed even shorter, so that only a short length remain. On the other hand, there is also a good portion of elegance.