Skin care

Best Skin Care For Diabetics

Proper skin care for diabetics first and foremost includes adequate fluid intake. Maintain adequate hydration. Nutritionists recommend a daily intake. In addition, I recommend consuming foods that contain water, such as soups, fruits and so on.

Shower and Bathe Properly

Correct skin care for diabetics also includes using the shower and bathtub: Do not shower too often, preferably only briefly and not too hot. If you shower daily, it is sufficient to use the soap or shower lotion only very sparingly. I also recommend shower oils to diabetics.

For bathing, diabetics use pH-neutral, moisturizing and moisturizing bath additives or bath oils. If possible, the water should not be hotter than 35 degrees, because warmer water removes a lot of fat from the skin. It is best not to bathe more than once a week. Instead of bathing, I recommend taking a shower.


After showering or bathing, I recommend lipid replenishing body lotions to properly care for and replenish the skin. It is good for diabetics to use products with a high proportion of moisture binders, such as the produced urea. In this way, the protective function of the skin is restored and the loss of fluid is compensated.

Properly Care For And Protect Diabetic Skin

Correct skin care for diabetics includes the following points;

  1. a) Use moisturizing and moisturizing products
  2. b) Avoid skin stress
  3. c) Pay attention to the special requirements of skin and problematic parts of the body


Skin care for diabetic skin is based on a sufficient supply of moisture for the skin. I recommend using moisturizing lotions and skin creams accordingly. For most skin types, the care in winter, spring and autumn should also be richer in addition to moisture.

Apply lotion to your entire body, including particular areas that are prone to dryness, such as your legs, feet or elbows. The areas that are exposed to the elements, such as the face and hands, also need particularly care. Suitable care sticks or lip creams are suitable for the lips, which you should apply in the morning and evening.

Avoid Skin Stress

For the skin care of diabetic skin, it is important to avoid additional stress for the skin. You should avoid hydrogels, skin care products, such as tonic, and measures that additionally stress and strain the skin, such as peelings for home use, if possible. This restriction does not apply to medically supervised fear acid peels used to treat acne.