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Cistus Tea: What are the benefits of rock rose tea?

What does Cistus tea do? (Rock rose tea) Cistus tea benefits

It is not only a luxury nutrition, the leaves can also have a healthy effect on our health. There is even a strain that is a healthy remedy for skin problems and promotes our beauty.

The selection of teas is huge and I’m sure you’ve tried many of them before. The spectrum ranges from herbal teas, such as black teas or green tea, through flavored varieties or fruit preparations. Many teas are not only a pleasure, but also very healthy. The ingredients in teas in particular can lower the risk of cancer or diseases, for example.

Cistus Tea

How do you use Cistus tea? What is Cistus tea made of?

It is not a real tea, but is made from the flowers of the rock rose. This flower belongs to the mallow and is particularly widespread in the Mediterranean countries. There, especially in Greece and Turkey, the healing properties of the rock rose have been known for years. The tea made from it can be found in many medicine stores. With us it has so far been more of a shadowy existence, but is also available in drugstores and health food stores. And there are a number of good reasons to give it a try – which doesn’t mean you have to drink it. Preparing a facial tonic from Cistus tea is very easy too. Cistus tea benefits

When do you drink Cistus Incanus tea?

Cistus Tea Contains Many Valuable Ingredients

The Cistus tea is packed with valuable ingredients such as phenol acids and flavonoids. These are also found in conventional teas and their effect, for example on the cardiovascular health, has long been proven by studies. According to a study from 2020, consuming at least three cups of green tea per week reduces the risk of heart disease by around 20 %. Cistus tea is also particularly rich in so-called polyphenols – it contains about three times as much as green tea, for example.

What are the benefits of rock rose tea?

The Antioxidants In Cistus Tea Heal The Skin

Polyphenols are highly strong antioxidants, they have anti-inflammatory effects. That is why they are also suitable for external use for skin problems such as redness or acne – the irritation subside, and even fine lines are smoothed out. Even small wounds heal faster and itchiness is relieved. And even with healthy skin, Tea ensures a complexion and a more even, fresher complexion.

Are rock roses poisonous?

You should take more detailed information from your doctor about the effects of rock roses.