Beautiful life of two soulmates: husband and wife

When I talk about two soulmates I only recall that the pairs are already decided by the Almighty. Beautiful life of two soulmates: husband and wife.  Some situations, some incidents, some people become the reasons that the soulmates happen to meet and own each other forever. The gaps between the two before marriage is decided by the Almighty to reach the maturity level so that they understand each other better, forgive each other live together happily for the whole life.

The journey of a pair: two soulmates, husband and wife

  1. Meeting first time planned or unplanned

Sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned it happens they meet with each other to find the life partner who can accompany them till the last breath. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are going to fall in love and will not be able to without each other. How beautiful is this! They become heartbeats of each other.

Beautiful life of two soulmates: husband and wife
  1. Falling in love or mutual understanding

It depends on the situation that how they going to tie together in a relationship. Falling in love is natural and beautiful while mutual understanding and tying each other in a relationship may take time to fall in love with each other. But somehow they fall in love with each other.

Beautiful life of two soulmates: husband and wife
  1. Respect for each other

Feelings are the killing desire in everyone. Why am I saying so? “Killing desire ” I am saying so because we don’t respect each other’s feelings nowadays. Everyone wants space to live his/her life own way. Once you will start respecting each other’s feelings your relationship will be more beautiful. It will strengthen your relationship that no one can break.

Beautiful life of two soulmates: husband and wife
  1. Keeping aside egoism

No ego, no chaos in your peaceful life. Soulmates are meant for each other. Their ego should be there where it is needed and not in their private life where actually you live, your home where two souls dwell to satisfy each other by eating together, laughing together, understanding and making decisions together, adoring each other and smiling, no annoyance, no tears. Only love to share and the small- small pain that comes to test you to know how beautifully you solve your problems being together.

  1. Cooking together and feeding each other. 

This is not compulsory that only woman has got duty for cooking in the kitchen alone. Take a weekend when men are free, cook for your wife, surprise her. She will fall in love with you again. This should be understood and not told. Woman never expect anything. She just does from her hear. She actually loves cooking for her love, husband or family. And she tries different different dishes rather than spending time in salon. Sometimes it’s more beautiful when you two cook together making fun of each other and then feed each other. Love increases incredibly.

Happiness secrets for husband and wife

Don’t break this beautiful relationship

Love doesn’t have any condition nor it expect anything. Seeing only reflection of your love is enough to increase your heartbeats but this feelings should be forever till last breath then it is a true love. But now a days we break relationships as if cutting a thread and separating. You don’t feel pain and we move on as if a train halts on a platform, blows the whistle and leaves for the another platform before it gets engaged by the another train. I am sad for this. Breaking relationship is so much painful as if you can’t breathe, you will die without him. Don’t break relationships, understand, forgive, give a chance. You are meant to be with each other. Almighty hai tie you in a knot. Love each other.

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